London, April 16 to 25, 1950

Alfred Edward Daff, 1902 to 1991. Australian-born, he joined Universal Pictures at its Melbourne office at age 18, working his way to Universal International Films president by 1949, and Universal Pictures Company executive vice president in 1952, the most successful Australian film executive of his time.

Sam Eckman, Jr., 1891 to 1975. New York-born, he entered the film industry in 1910 as an exhibitor, took charge of Goldwyn Picture’s New York office in 1917, after it merged with Metro in 1924, and managed its Eastern Division. He became managing director of MGM’s British operation in 1927, and a powerful figure in British film society. He received an honorary OBE in 1947.

Bertie Elliman, 1917 to 1971.   Louis’s brother.  He took over Louis’s film distribution enterprise and turned it into a great financial success. He was also a director of the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

Geoffrey Elliman, 1920 to 1999. Louis’s brother. He began in Louis’s film distribution company where he worked closely with Bertie. He was Instrumental in acquiring Associated Picture Houses in 1944, and became its general manager. In 1948, he was made managing director of Amalgamated Cinemas (Ireland) Ltd. He was a director of the Gaiety, and responsible for booking overseas acts for the Theatre Royal.

Solly White. A friend, and Geoff Elliman’s father-in-law.

Fra Leo McCann was an Irish priest who acted as unofficial chaplain to people in the theatre.

Dining room at the Mayfair Hotel, London
The train from Waterloo to Southampton

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